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A skilled and effective workforce is the backbone of any successful business. This is especially the case with startup companies facing tight budgets and stiff competition. Fortunately, there are many programs available for connecting domestic employers with foreign talent of the highest caliber. We work with employers to prepare visa applications on behalf of their foreign workers, so that workers can focus on their work and employers can focus on operating their businesses. Our legal team specializes in serving corporate clients in the following areas:

Throughout the world, savvy investors continue to recognize the superior position of the United States economy in the global marketplace. Countless opportunities exist for investors of any scale to participate in the robust United States business climate, whether large multinational companies, mid-sized startups, or small enterprises consisting of family and friends. We work with our clients to identify the immigration strategy best suited to their investment objectives, striving to guide each one through the process from start to finish to achieve the optimal outcome. Our legal team specializes in serving investor clients in the following areas:

For every individual problem, there is an individualized solution. Our clients include individuals from a great variety of backgrounds, yet most share the same common objective. Whether they are persons with extraordinary abilities, persons whose work is of national importance, persons who are skilled workers or managers, we proudly offer our expertise to assist these individuals in obtaining their desired immigration status. Our record of success in family-based cases is unparalleled and ensures that your loved ones remain with you throughout the immigration process. Our legal team specializes in serving individual clients in the following areas:

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