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USCIS H-1B Premium Processing Resumed 1/28

After instating a suspension of premium processing for all H-1B visas last April, USCIS extended it in September to an estimated end date of February 19, 2019. Fortunately, USCIS has lifted this suspension as of January 28, 2019 for certain H-1B petitions. This includes H-1B 2019 Cap petitions, meaning both Regular and Masters Quota petitions. Any employers wanting to expedite their fiscal year 2019 H-1B RFE responses can submit their premium processing request alongside their response. Premium processing is also available now for H-1B Visa Cap Exempt petitions for higher education institutions, government research entities, and some qualified non-profit orgs, filed at the California Service Center, as well as H-1B Extensions without any changes filed at the Nebraska Service Center.

Premium processing is still suspended for H-1B Visa Extensions, H-1B Visa Transfers, and H-1B Amendments. These are currently suspended until the originally determined date of February 19, 2019.

As USCIS works through their backlog of filings, more premium processing availability may open up and USCIS has stated that they will keep updating the availability as it is able to.

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